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What is the Purpose of Methadone Detox?


Methadone, which is also known by names like Methadose or Dolophine, is a potent pain reliever. The medicine is in the opioid category, and works similar to the way that morphine does. People with severe pain due to an illness or disease, or those who have just undergone surgery are often prescribed methadone by a doctor. Some physicians and drug counselors also recommend methadone to those who are recovering from heroine addiction, as methadone helps the body to withdraw from heroine without harmful symptoms.

However, people can also become addicted to methadone. According to the Michael’s House website, there are about 250,000 people currently using methadone clinics. It’s best to withdraw from methadone naturally, since the herbs and natural foods used to detoxify the body will replenish the nutrients and vitamins lost during methadone addiction. The Natural News website asserts that it can be particularly difficult for people to overcome opiate addictions, because the medicine can stay in the body for years and store itself inside the body’s fat tissues. This creates depression and cravings for the medicine, which is why potent and constant herbal treatment is essential.


This herb is very effective in flushing methadone residue from the body. It is native to Central Asia and has been used traditionally to treat conditions like brochitis, asthma, boils and gastrointestinal distress as well as addictions. Galbanum is a gum resin with a distinct fragrance that has anti-inflammatory and anti-convulsion effects. A 2001 study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology also confirms that Galbanum can reduce the irritability and pain that methadone addicts feel during withdrawal. However, the herb is not safe to use during pregnancy.

California Poppy

California Poppy is another important herb to use during methadone detox. The herb can be grown annually or perennially, and can treat nerve pain, as well as anxiety and insomnia. Alkaloids that are non-addictive and affect the receptors in the brain are present in California. These receptors help to regulate the mood prevent depression. The nervousness and emotional strain that can come from methadone withdrawal is significantly reduced with daily doses of California poppy. It’s best not to take the herb with any other sedatives, as this could have a negative effect on the nervous system.

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is an herb that cleanses the liver and detoxifies the blood. Making sure the liver is healthy and properly filtering impurities from the bodies is of the utmost importance when withdrawing from methadone. Milk thistle can also improve the health of the skin and circulatory system. Opioid addiction can often cause skin rashes and blemishes, and this herbs helps to remove them from the skin in just a few weeks time. The Natural Alternative Remedy website also confirms that milk thistle is beneficial for the health of the gallbladder. It prompts the organ to function correctly by increasing the solubility of bile. The gallbladder is one of the organs affected by methadone addiction, so taking milk thistle can restore the gallbladder, raise energy levels and prevent obesity.


To relieve the jittery feelings that come with methadone withdrawal, passionflower is often an effective natural remedy. The herb is also beneficial for treating anxiety and calming the nervous system so that becoming methadone-free will be much easier. Passionflower is available in tea and capsule form, and is safe to use daily. Even after a person has been off of methadone for months or even years, it’s a good idea to use passionflower at least four times to week to continue removing methadone residue from the body and balancing the mood.


Methadone addiction often comes with upset stomach and digestive problems. Ginger helps to heal the lining of the gut, and relieves the stomach inflammation. The herb can also balance blood sugar and treat stomach ulcers heartburn, which are common methadone withdrawal symptoms. Boiling ginger root in water for about two minutes makes a potent drink that can be consumed daily. Adding fresh lemon juice and honey also soothes the digestive tract and gives the ginger more antioxidant power.


Aside from taking a variety of herbs to cleanse the body of any methadone residue, a healthy, balanced diet is necessary for being completely methadone-free. For instance, drinking lots of water each day is imperative. This flushes excess methadone, as well as other impurities, from the body and makes the detox process more bearable. Drinking cold water helps to boost the metabolism, while warm or room temperature water is best consumed after a meal to make digestion more comfortable.

It’s also very necessary for those suffering from methadone withdrawal to consume foods that are rich in fiber. This also flushes impurities from the body and helps to blower blood sugar and blood pressure. Consuming fiber in the form of whole grains and raw fruits and vegetables also lowers the chances of heart disease. This is definitely good news for individuals coming off of methadone, since heart attacks and strokes are more common in people with opioid addiction.

Foods that are rich in protein are also a necessary part of natural methadone detox. Protein helps to make the body strong and restore the muscle tissues. Eating lots of health protein also provides the body with more energy and makes for sounder sleep. For instance, it’s best to cook foods in olive oil instead of butter or shortening. And it’s healthier to eat roasted or baked chicken breast as opposed to fried chicken. Other vegetarian forms of protein like flaxseed oil, almonds and beans are also an essential part of a healthy detox diet.

Of course, meeting with a nutritional counselor or dietitian can help those withdrawing from methadone to come up with a customized diet plan. The professional can assess exactly how much fiber and protein is necessary to restore the body. It’s also best for recovering addicts to keep in mind that a balanced diet and herbal therapy should be adopted as a way of life for best results.

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