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What are the Dangers of Going Through Detox Alone?

Man Detox Alone

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Millions of individuals struggle while battling a drug addiction. Unfortunately, many drug users decide to detox alone, which is not a good idea. It doesn’t matter what substance an individual is abusing; detoxing alone is not a good idea. There are plenty of reasons why individuals choose to detox alone.

In many situations, individuals don’t have the money to pay for professional help. However, for individuals who do have the money to pay for such help, inpatient treatment is easily the best option. There are several reasons why it’s dangerous to detox alone, and regardless of whether the detox is for alcohol or drugs, the dangers are always present.

Self-detoxing involves many risks that most drug and alcohol users don’t even know about. In many situations, individuals have died because they tried to detox alone. A sad but great example of self-detox gone wrong is Amy Winehouse.

When attempting to detox, it’s crucial to have professionals present. The goal here is not to scare people away from detox; it’s to ensure individuals avoid detoxing alone and at home.

Alcohol Detox

One of the most-dangerous substances to detox from is alcohol. In fact, many people have died because they tried to detox from alcohol at home. Some of the dangers of sudden alcohol cessation are heart seizures, convulsions and hallucinations.

Individuals who have a severe alcohol dependency should never try to quit cold turkey. Alcohol detoxification is what is called a two-phase detox. The first phase of the process takes place over a few days, and it’s the most-dangerous part of the detoxification process.

The second phase of alcohol detox occurs over the period of a few months. During the second phase, the brain attempts to resume normal functioning. Some of the initial side effects of alcohol detox are shakiness, seizures, nausea, insomnia, heart failure, hallucinations, convulsions and anxiety.

The dangers of detoxing from alcohol alone make it crucial to seek professional help. Inpatient treatment can make detoxing from alcohol and other substances safe and manageable.

The Severe Dangers of Detoxing Alone

Delirium Tremens: Also called DTs, delirium tremens are very dangerous. There are several health risks caused by DTs. After a person begins to experience DTs, there is no medical treatment that can stop them. This is a process that involves the body purging the alcohol from its system.

DTs can start with body tremors but can quickly lead to seizures, strokes or heart attacks. The dangers of DTs and similar symptoms can be reduced when receiving help from an inpatient treatment center.

At an inpatient treatment center, professionals can administer various methods such as relaxation techniques, medications, nutrition and counseling that make it safer to detox from alcohol and other substances. The professionals who work at an inpatient treatment center monitor the patient 24/7 in a comfortable environment to help make the process more tolerable and as safe as possible.

Dangerous Hallucinations: When trying to detox alone, many individuals experience hallucinations. Although this can be a mild symptom, it can cause serious issues. Hallucinations can cause individuals to exhibit insane behavior, which can have devastating consequences.

Many people experience non-existent smells, sounds and visions. In many situations, individuals have harmed themselves or others because of hallucinations.

An inpatient treatment facility can greatly reduce the risk caused by hallucinations. When detoxing alone, an individual will not have anyone to tell them that the hallucinations aren’t real, so there is no telling what they’ll do.

Possible Death: The greatest danger of detoxing alone is death. In fact, many people have died because they didn’t understand the dangers of detoxing alone. Inpatient treatment centers can greatly reduce the dangers of detoxing from any drug.

Detoxing With Inpatient Treatment

The medical professionals who work at an inpatient treatment center have access to medications and techniques that increase the safety of detox. Since the general public does not have access to these techniques and medications, it’s much more dangerous to attempt to detox at home.

The length and severity of a substance abuse problem determines how difficult or dangerous detox will be. All substances are different, and some are much more dangerous to detox from than others. For example, alcohol detox is one of the most-dangerous processes.

Although it’s rare for people to die from opiate detox, the majority of people who have detoxed from opiates wanted to die at some point during the process. There are several beneficial reasons to seek inpatient care. At such a facility, there are plenty of staff members to make sure patients have a comfortable stay. Staff members are always ready to help in any way possible.

Many inpatient care facilities offer laboratory testing and diagnostic imaging, which helps patients understand their overall health. Individuals who seek help from inpatient drug treatment are able to live at the facility, so they receive healthy meals. All of their basic needs are met, so they have the chance to focus on recovering from their substance addiction.



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